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2020-21 Feiro Award Winners

2020-21 Sigmar Award Winners

Amari B

Keith Seldon

Grace Johnson

Jeong Hyun Kang

In recognition of athletes who exemplify leadership, athleticism, academics and citizenship. They are named after people who made a significant contribution to that sport here at Peninsula: Art Feiro (basketball) former AD and founder of the NWAACC, Wally Sigmar (soccer) former college president and NWAACC Hall of Fame member, and Jim Lunt (softball) longtime director of youth softball and baseball programs in Port Angeles, former Peninsula student body president, AD, and person who helped bring intercollegiate softball here in 2000. Feiro and Sigmar have passed away.

2020-21 William and Annie McMullen Award

Alysia A

Hope G

This award is awarded to a returning female athlete who exemplifies the following:

  • Inspiration – This athlete believes in the program, her teammates and her coaches and is inspirational to others in her approach to the game.
  • Dedication – This athlete works very hard in the arena of athletics and also extends that work ethic into other arenas, such as the classroom or her employment.
  • Accomplishment – This athlete uses her inspiration and dedication to be the best athlete she can be.
  • Ambassador – This athlete exemplifies the character we covet here at Peninsula College and represents the institution as an ambassador in the community and for the recruitment efforts of incoming freshmen.

Past Winners

Feiro – Amari Brown, Keith Seldon
Sigmar – Grace Johnson, Jeong Hyun Kang
McMullen – Alysia Alvarado, Hope Glasser

Feiro – Cassandra White, Nate Despain
Sigmar – Sam Oliveira, Mason Haubrich
McMullen – Hana Scott, Quinlyn Ontiveros

Feiro – Casandra White, Nyair Cleveland
Sigmar – Halle Watson, Sterling Penniton-John
McMullen – Sam Oliveira, Sunshine Vicente

Feiro – Jamellia Clark, Trent Warren
Sigmar – Kelly Kevershan, Jose Serna
McMullen – Cindy Vasquez, Jocelyn Moore

Feiro – Alicia Dugan, Alex Baham
Sigmar – Bailie Zuber, Jose Soto
McMullen – Yamilei Rodriguez, Akari Hoshino

Feiro – Amanda Hutchins, Jeremiah Hobbs
Sigmar – Michele Whan, Manny Medina
McMullen – Sephora Yayouss, Myu Ban

Feiro – Miranda Schmillen, Ryley Callaghan
Sigmar – Kasie Lough, Micah Weller
McMullen – Cherish Moss, Karen Corral

Feiro – Alison Knowles, Geno Horsley
Sigmar – Briana Estrellado, Corbyn May
McMullen – Brooke Yoshimura, Madison Pilster

Feiro – Karli Brakes, TreShawn King-Dunbar
Sigmar – Aubrey Briscoe, Mark Cottrell
McMullen – Misty Kaiwi, Olivia Henderson

Feiro – Abigail Jones, Corey Clement
Sigmar – Kimmy Jones, Yan Gioseffi
McMullen – Aubrey Briscoe, Taylor Larson

Feiro – Danika Goodwin, Jeremiah Johnson
Sigmar – Jessica Farrell, Miguel Gonzalez

Feiro – Dena Houser, Bryce Jacobson
Sigmar – Brent Ricigliano
Lunt – Colleen Murphy-Carey

Feiro – Samantha Flett, Dion Serras
Sigmar – Hugo Vasquez
Lunt – Marquita Espinoza

Feiro – Brianna Allen, Ethan Wilford
Sigmar – Ryan O’Neil
Lunt – Kayla Ralston

Feiro – Jennifer McCullah, Divaldo Mbunga
Sigmar – Louis Manka
Lunt – Jessica Rosencrants

Feiro – Tasha McKoy, Vladimir Paraik
Sigmar – Louis Manka
Lunt – Reina Boersma, Sarah Bussell

Feiro – Alison Crumb, Brandon Lord
Sigmar – Shea Harwell
Lunt – Nicole Wood
Athlete of the Year – Suzanna Goplen-Dean, Brandon Lord

Feiro – Alison Crumb, Brandon Lord
Sigmar – Shea Harwell
Lunt – Cassandra Simpson
McMullen – Danielle Larson, Nicole Wood
Athlete of the Year – Annan Bowlby, Nicole Wood

Feiro – Jennifer Roberts, Olaf Arvidsson
Sigmar – Alfredo Almaraz
Lunt - Valerie Cathers
McMullen – Tiffany Jess, Jenni Perry

Feiro – Courtney Bridges/Stacey Woods, Kenny Lutz

Feiro – Tiffany Hoch, Kenny Lutz

Feiro – Shanna Buckingham, Brandon Veltri